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  • GPS Accuracy: < 15 meters RMS, 95% typical
  • WAAS Accuracy: < 3 meters, 95% typical with DGPS corrections
  • Six Screens: Satellite, Map, Navigation, Altimeter, Trip Computer, Main Menu
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Garmin eTrex Vista GPS Rental $35.00 $110.00 $330.00

The eTrex Vista features a full basemap of the Americas, the Atlantic or the Pacific, a barometric altimeter, electronic compass and 24 megabytes (MB) of internal memory for extra data storage. The Vista's barometric altimeter pinpoints your precise altitude, and its built-in electronic compass provides bearing information even while you're standing still. The Vista can also receive position corrections from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), which can increase the accuracy of Vista's position reporting to within three meters.

Items Included:
  • Garmin eTrex Vista GPS
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Spare Batteries

Battery life

Two 1.5V AA batteries - 12 hours of typical use

GPS Accuracy

< 15 meters (49 ft) RMS, 95% Typical, subject to accuracy degredation to 100m 2DRMS under the U.S. DoD-imposed Selective Availability program.

DGPS (WAAS) Accuracy

< 3 meters (10 ft), 95% typical with DGPS Corrections With GARMIN Differential Beacon Receiver Input

Velocity Accuracy

0.05 meter/sec steady state

Update Rate

1/second, continuous

Operating Temperature

5° to 158°F

Garmin eTrex Vista GPS Manual2.31 MB