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  • Locates Manhole Covers, Valves, Tees, and Risers
  • Pinpoint centering of pipelines
  • Trace pipe or cable using conductive mode
Title Daily Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator Rental $45.00 $150.00 $450.00

Fisher Model TW-6 allows two modes of operation: inductive and conductive. In the inductive mode, the Transmitter induces the electromagnetic field around the object sought. The Transmitter radiates this field through both soil and water. Inductive is subdivided into two modes: (1) On the handle for locating and (2) Transmitter placed on the ground directly above and in line with the conductor for tracing and the path of the conductor.

The conductive mode operates when you connect the Transmitter directly to an exposed portion of the pipe or cable in question with the Ground Plate Assembly, or with the Coupling Clamp, or the Ground Rod Assembly.  In the conductive mode, the transmitter energizes the pipe through direct connection. 

Items Included:
  • Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator
  • Carrying Case
  • Grounding Plate
  • 3-Piece Handle

Operating Frequency

81.92 kHz + 0.005%


8x AA (NEDA 15)


5.5 lbs


  • Normal: 400 uV typical
  • High: 8 uV typical

Signal to Noise Ratio

110 dB


11.5" x 9" x 3"

Operating Temperature

-10 to 120 °F

Field Strength

17.5 dBuV @ 300 meters, 81.92 KHz