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Remediation Equipment and Pilot Test Equipment Rentals:

QUESTION: When does the rental period begin and end with large equipment rentals?

Answer: The rental begins the day after you receive the equipment by truck freight and ends the last day you use the equipment and call for pick up. Transportation time is not charged.

QUESTION: What all do I get with a SVE pilot test system for the rental price listed?

Answer: Our SVE pilot test rental units come with the SVE unit, hoses to go from the SVE unit to the knockout tank (if separate), hoses to go from the knockout tank to the well, the well head adapter fitting with gage, and power connector for generator connection. Hoses to go from the SVE exhaust to activated carbon vessels or oxidizers, Magnahelic gages with well caps and generators are available as separate rentals. Activated carbon vessels are available for purchase. Thermal and catalytic oxidizers are available for rent.

Indoor Air Quality:

QUESTION: I am having trouble connecting the instrument to my computer what could be the cause for this?

Answer: You may be trying to connect to the wrong serial port try switching ports. Your computer or instrument may be running at different baud rates check the baud rates on both the computer software and the instrumentation they need to be the same.

QUESTION: I cannot download the instrument's software how can I remedy this?

Answer: First check to see if your computer supports the software. Does your operating system meet the requirements of the software and likewise does the software run on your OS (Do not forget to check the bits 32 or 64)? Do you have other programs running while trying to install this new software? If so, turn those programs off. Does your company have security software in place that may be preventing you from downloading the software? If so, you may need your IT person to adjust your security settings.

Water Pumps:

QUESTION: How do I prevent heat damage to my Rediflo-2 pump?

Answer: Keep the impellers clean/clear of debris, the pump filled with clean distilled water, and always use a protective shroud when operating the pump in wells larger than 2 inches or when decontaminating in wash buckets.

Water Quality Instrumentation:

QUESTION: My dissolved oxygen readings seem to inaccurate what could cause this?

Answer:Many things could be the cause: The electrode may need to be refilled with new internal solution and the membrane replaced. Air bubbles may be present on the membrane. The electrode needs to be calibrated properly. If using an inline flow cell the pump flow may be too quick or the water too turbid.

Gas Meters:

QUESTION: My gas monitor fails to calibrate what may be the cause?

Answer: The span concentrations of the monitor's sensors need to be adjusted to match the calibration cylinder concentrations being applied.