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Casella CEL 240 Sound Level Meter Rental
  • Type 2 Sound Level Meter for general noise measurements.
  • Measurement Ranges: 30-100 dB and 60-130 dB.
  • "A" and "C" Frequency Weightings; Slow, Fast, and Impulse Time Weightings.
  • Field calibrator and annual factory calibration certificate included.
  • Displayed parameters: Instantaneous level (Lp) and Maximum level (Lmx).

This item is no longer available for rent.

The CEL-240 is a simple general purpose sound level meter that is ideal for use in many situations where a quick idea of the current noise level is needed. It features 2 ranges from 30 to 100 db and 60 to 130 db and provides the standardized A and C broadband frequency weightings required by many protocols. The CEL-240 also has the Slow, Fast and Impulse time responses. A maximum hold function with a user reset is available to capture the highest level of noise to give a "worst case" measurement if needed. Results are displayed on a graphic LCD in either alpha numeric format or as a scrolling time history graph with either 1 or 5 minutes time history so that recent peaks and troughs may be viewed.

Calibration is as simple as placing the calibrator over the microphone and switching it on. As soon as the calibration tone is steady it is automatically detected by the CEL-240 and the user is offered the choice of performing the calibration with a single button press. There is no need to use old fashioned screwdrivers that may get lost as the calibration takes just 5 seconds and is very easy to perform.

The CEL-240 will be an ideal instrument for industrial hygiene measurements of noise in the workplace. The meter has a low and high measurement range that covers a full 70dB on each range. It can be used for machinery noise surveys as well as all general purpose workplace noise level measurements. With the A and C frequency scales and the S, F and I time response the meter can be used to assess the right hearing protectors using the NRR method. A nondecaying maximum hold feature on every display captures and displays the highest sound pressure level of any noise until reset by the user.

Items Included:
  • CEL-240 Sound Level Meter
  • Acoustic Calibrator
  • Factory Calibration Certicates
  • CEL-6840 Carrying Case
  • CEL-6841 Windscreen
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare Batteries


ANSI S1.4 Type 2, IEC 61672-1 2002-5

Microphone Type

¼” Electret mic. in standard ½” fixed housing

Reference Conditions

68°F (20°C) air temperature, 65% Relative Humidity, 1013 mbar (101.325 kPa) atmospheric pressure.

Operating Temperature Range

32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C) (Class 2)

Effect of Humidity

Less than ±0.5dB over the range 30 to 90% RH (non-condensing), rel. to value at ref. conditions

Operating Pressure Range

650 to 1080 mbar (65 to 108 kPa)


3 x AA Alkaline or rechargeable types

Battery Life

At least 35 hours

Dimensions w x h x d

2.8 x 8.3 x 1.2 in (71.5 x 212.0x 31.0mm) including preamplifier and microphone

Weight Including Batteries

8.8 oz (< 250g)

Operator Controls

Buttons for power On/Off and 2 x context sensitive menu selection plus initial configuration screen

Total Measurement Range

30 to 130 dB

Dynamic Span on Single Range

70 dB

Measurement Ranges

Low (30 – 100 dB)
High (60 – 130 dB)

Noise Floor

< 33 (A weighted dB)

Frequency Weightings

A and C

Time Weightings

Slow, Fast and Impulse

Always Displayed Parameters

Instantaneous level (Lp), Maximum level (Lmx)

Display Type

128 x 128 dot matrix LCD digital including real-time analog bar graph scale

Display Resolution (Numeric)

0.1 dB

Display Resolution (Graphical)

1 dB

Display Update Rate

0.5 seconds

Calibration Level

114.0 or 94.0 dB

External Power Option

5 VDC with CMC51 cable via USB socket

Analog Outputs AC

2.5 mm jack socket

Minimum Load Impedance