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Universal RAI blowers are heavy duty blowers designed with detachable rugged steel mounting feet that permit easy in-field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements. 

Because of the detachable mounting feet, these units can be easily adapted to any of the drive shaft positions - right hand, left hand, bottom or top. The compact, sturdy design is engineered for continuous service when operated in accordance with speed and pressure ratings. 

The basic model consists of a cast iron casing and cast iron involute impellers. Carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears are secured to the steel shafts with a taper mounting and locknut. Oversized antifriction bearings are used, with a cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand V-belt pull. The Universal RAI features thrust control, with splash oil lube on the gear end and grease lube on the drive end. 

Available accessories include driver, relief valve, inlet and discharge silencers, inlet filter, check valve, extended base, v-belt or flexible coupling and drive guards.

Item Max Flow Max Vacuum Max Pressure Max RPM
Roots URAI-22 PD Blower 71.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 12.0 PSI 5275 RPM
Roots URAI-24 PD Blower 148.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 5275 RPM
Roots URAI-32 PD Blower 142.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 15.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-33 PD Blower 195.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 12.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-36 PD Blower 330.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-42 PD Blower 187.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 15.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-45 PD Blower 395.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 10.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-47 PD Blower 523.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 3600 RPM
Roots URAI-53 PD Blower 334.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 15.0 PSI 2850 RPM
Roots URAI-56 PD Blower 580.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 13.0 PSI 2850 RPM
Roots URAI-59 PD Blower 857.0 CFM 15.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 2850 RPM
Roots URAI-65 PD Blower 526.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 15.0 PSI 2350 RPM
Roots URAI-68 PD Blower 845.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 14.0 PSI 2350 RPM
Roots URAI-615 PD Blower 1583.0 CFM 12.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 2350 RPM
Roots URAI-76 PD Blower 765.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 15.0 PSI 2050 RPM
Roots URAI-711 PD Blower 1413.0 CFM 16.0 In. Hg 10.0 PSI 2050 RPM
Roots URAI-718 PD Blower 2316.0 CFM 12.0 In. Hg 7.0 PSI 2050 RPM