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Dry running rotary vane compressors with bearings on both sides of the rotor. Capacities ranging from 58 to 88 m³/hr (34.1 to 51.7 cfm). Pressure up to 1.5 bar for continuous operation and up to 2.2 bar for intermittent operation. High efficiency and silent operation. Sound cover allows a ducted cooling air outlet either from one side only or from both sides. Easy servicing and operation.

Item HP Max Flow Max Pressure
V-DTA 50 Vane Compressor 5.0 HP 36.5 CFM 21.8 PSIG
V-DTA 60 Vane Compressor 5.0 HP 41.2 CFM 21.8 PSIG
V-DTA 80 Vane Compressor 7.5 HP 51.8 CFM 21.8 PSIG