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Construction Dewatering Systems are used to extract and treat petrochemical or chlorinated solvent contaminated groundwater. Groundwater is collected from well point systems, excavations and trenches and pumped through a groundwater treatment system prior to permitted discharge.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. custom builds Construction Dewatering Systems to your specifications using new parts from quality manufacturers such as Goulds, Cincinnati Fan and Liberty Process. We also offer our own line of Air Strippers, Oil\Water Separators, Carbon Vessels and Control Panels.

Construction Dewatering Systems typically include Submersible Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Oil\Water Separators, Air Strippers, Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels and Control Panels. Construction Dewatering Systems can be mounted on skids, on open trailers or inside enclosed cargo containers, enclosed cargo trailers or in shed buildings.

Please contact us with your Groundwater Treatment System Specifications to receive a competitive cost estimate at 866-655-8267 or e-mail us at remediation@enviroequipment.com.