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  • Capable of pumping up to 50 feet from ground level.
  • 12 volt battery powered, hook straight to a car battery.
  • Low flow sampling controller available for flow adjustment (optional).
  • Can operate under harsh conditions and higher turbidity.
P-10200 Proactive Typhoon 12 Volt Pump - 60 FT Lead $163.00

The Engineered Plastic Typhoon® pump is capable of pumping up to 50 feet from ground level by simply connecting it to a 12 volt battery. Its reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling and purging of groundwater wells. The Typhoon® can be used for low flow sampling all the way down to 40 m/l per minute. Need to get even lower?? How about 10 m/l per minute in conjunction with the low flow sampling valve.

Pumping Depth GPM
3 3.0
10 2.3
20 2.0
25 1.5
30 1.0
40 0.6
50 0.25

Power Consumption

120 Watts (MAX)

Volt Recommendation

12-15 At Source

Maximum Amp Output

8 Amps


Length 12" / Diameter 1.82"


Low Flow Sampling Controller (Optional)

Required Tubing

3/8" ID or 1/2" ID Low Density Polyethylene Tubing

Supplied With

60 Feet of Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Wire, Quick Disconnect Plug & Battery Clamps