Well Supplies

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EcoPlug Locking Well Plug

The EcoPlug is durable, flexible, and environmental friendly. EcoPlug Well Caps are manufactured using a recycled composite glass filled polymer that is corrosion proof and stronger than steel, pound for pound. The center locking mechanism can be locked in several positions, allowing for use in applications with limited space.

Geotech Bladders

Replacement bladders for the Geotech Stainless Steel Bladder Pumps.

Hazardous Waste Drum Labels

Hazardous waste label for drums pack of 25.

Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste

Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste is used to test for the presence of water in the bottom of oil tanks.  The brown paste can be applied to string or a rod and lowered into the tank, when it comes in contact with water the paste will turn red.

Metal Monitoring Well Nameplates with Adhesive

Metal adhesive nameplates for monitoring wells.

Non-Hazardous Waste Drum Labels

Non-Hazardous waste labels for drums pack of 25.

Pending Analysis Drum Labels

Pending analysis label for drums.

Waterra Surge Blocks

The Waterra Surge Blocks are great tools for removing silt and sediment from the bottom, sandpack and screen of monitoring wells.  The SBD-25 surge blocks are designed for use with the D-25 foot valve, the SBD-32 surge blocks are designed for use with the D-32 foot valve. Each surge block has two differing sizes, one for 2" wells and the other for 4" wells.