Used Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

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EEI-1201 Soil Vapor Extraction System

Soil Vapor Extraction Skid With Gast R6130Q-50 3HP 1PH XP Regen Blower, KO Tank with High Level Switch, Inlet Filter, All Mounted to Steel Skid

EEI-1228 Soil Vapor Extraction System

SVE Skid with Rotron EN505CJ5ML Blower, Reliance 2.5HP 230V 1PH Motor, Knockout Tank with High Level Float, Control Panel, Air Filter, Vacuum Relief Valve; All skid mounted.

EEI-1277 Soil Vapor Extraction System

SVE Pilot Unit: Rotron EN523M5L 3HP 1PH XP Blower on frame with Inlet Filter, Gauges, Sample Ports, XP On/Off Switch with Cord wired 230V 1PH