Used Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

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EEI-1339 Rotron EN808 SVE Skid

Soil Vapor Extraction Skid with Rotron EN808 7.5HP 3PH XP Blower, KO Tank with LL, HL, HLA Float Tree, Goulds Transfer Pump, 230V 3PH UL Relay Logic Control Panel, 5 Zone Inlet Manifold, All Mounted on Skid

EEI-1321 Soil Vapor Extraction System

2HP SVE Skid Including Rotron EN505AX58ML 2HP 1PH XP Blower, Rotron MS200PS KO Tank with XP High Level Switch, 2” Solberg Air Filter, 2” Rotron Exhaust Silencer, Vacuum Gauges, Relay Logic Control Panel Wired 230V 1PH, Class 1 Div 2 Electrical (outdoor installation), Over/Under skid mount

EEI-1275 Soil Vapor Extraction System

SVE Pilot Unit: Rotron EN404 1HP 1PH Blower on small frame with Inlet filter, Vacuum Gauge, XP On/Off Switch with Cord Wired 115V