Used Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

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EEI-1339 Rotron EN808 SVE Skid

Soil Vapor Extraction Skid with Rotron EN808 7.5HP 3PH XP Blower, KO Tank with LL, HL, HLA Float Tree, Goulds Transfer Pump, 230V 3PH UL Relay Logic Control Panel, 5 Zone Inlet Manifold, All Mounted on Skid

EEI-1298 Air Sparge Soil Vapor Extraction Trailer

Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction System with Gast R6P355R-50 Regenerative Blower 6HP 3PH XP, 80 Gallon Aluminum KO Tank with Level Floats, 1HP Goulds Transfer Pump, SVE Manifold with 9x 2" Legs Each with Gauges, Valves and Flow Meters, Rietschle DLR 150 Rotary Claw Compressor with 15HP 3PH TEFC Motor, AIHTI ACA-3242-3 Heat Exchanger, High Temp and Pressure Switches, Air Sparge Manifold with 15x 1" Legs each with gauges, valves and flow meters, Nema 4 Relay Logic Control Panel mounted over trailer tongue with cellular telemetry system, all housed in 18' enclosed cargo trailer with Class 1 Division 2 interior wiring.

EEI-1220 Soil Vapor Extraction System

Incomplete SVE Skid with KO Tank, 7.5HP 3PH Motor and 1/3HP 3PH Transfer Pump, MISSING BLOWER

EEI-1219 Soil Vapor Extraction System

SVE Skid with 15HP 3PH Turbotron Blower, KO Tank and XP Control Panel

EEI-1073 Soil Vapor Extraction System

Soil Vapor Extraction System with 7.5HP 3PH XP motor, silencer, inlet filter, vacuum relief valve; all skid mounted - NEEDS BLOWER.