Used Oxidizers

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EEI-1032 Catalytic Oxidizer

Global Technologies 250 CFM catalytic oxidizer with XP regen blower, inlet filter, knockout tank with float switch and vacuum relief valve, oxidizer inlet valve, oxidizer by-pass valve, low pressure switch, control panel, Robin RGV 13000T generator, propane tank(s); all trailer mounted

EEI-1191 Catalytic Oxidizer

Global Technologies 250CFM Catalytic Oxidizer with Blower, Knockout Tank, Motorized Valves, Control Panel, All Mounted On Skid

EEI-1192 Thermal Oxidizer

ORS/Thermtech Thermal Oxidizer - 250CFM Thermtech Oxidizer with Controls, All mounted on skid.

EEI-1274 Thermal Oxidizer

Thermtech Thermal Oxidizer Skid, Model VAC50, 500 CFM, Wired 480V

EEI-1320 Falco 100 Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

Falco 100 Electric Catalytic Oxidizer including vapor control valve