Used Oxidizers

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EEI-1032 Catalytic Oxidizer

Global Technologies 250 CFM catalytic oxidizer with XP regen blower, inlet filter, knockout tank with float switch and vacuum relief valve, oxidizer inlet valve, oxidizer by-pass valve, low pressure switch, control panel, Robin RGV 13000T generator, propane tank(s); all trailer mounted

EEI-1191 Catalytic Oxidizer

Global Technologies 250CFM Catalytic Oxidizer with Blower, Knockout Tank, Motorized Valves, Control Panel, All Mounted On Skid

EEI-1192 Thermal Oxidizer

ORS/Thermtech Thermal Oxidizer - 250CFM Thermtech Oxidizer with Controls, All mounted on skid.

EEI-1194 Catalytic Oxidizer

Global Technologies Chlorocat Model 10, 1000CFM Oxidizer Rated to Handle Chlorinated Solvent Destruction. Includes Oxidizer with Blower, Control Panel, Motorized Valves etc. AND Separate Acid Scrubber and necessary piping. Everything mounted on skid(s).

EEI-1274 Thermal Oxidizer

Thermtech Thermal Oxidizer Skid, Model VAC50, 500 CFM, Wired 480V

EEI-1320 Falco 100 Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

Falco 100 Electric Catalytic Oxidizer including vapor control valve