Used Instruments

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Used Casella CEL 350 Noise Dosimeter 3-Pack Kit

The Casella CEL 350 Noise Dosimeters are used to measure personal noise exposure levels. These dosimeters allow you to measure noise exposure levels for both OSHA and ISO standards. Data can be downloaded to a PC via the infrared port using the included Casella Insight software. The software allows you to view graphs and create reports from the collected data.

Used Casella Microdust Pro Dust Monitor

The MICRODUST pro from Casella is a portable, real time monitor for assessing the concentration of suspended particulate matter. It is probably the most versatile instrument available with the ability to measure from 1µg/m3 to 2500mg/m3. It is the only hand-held real-time dust monitor on the market capable of graphically presenting variations in dust concentration on a real time scrolling graph - no longer is it necessary to wait to analyze results on a PC.

Used ORS Interface Probe

The ORS Interface Probe™ is a hand held, battery powered device for measuring depth to water or oil in tanks or wells. The ORS Interface Probe™ can be used in numerous applications including measuring oil and water levels in monitoring wells, and obtaining accurate measurements of water levels in cascading wells.