Used Air Strippers

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EEI-1232 Air Stripper

Carbon Air Stat 30, 4 Tray Stainless Steel Air Stripper, Gast R613Q-50 3HP 3PH XP Blower, All Mounted on Skid

EEI-1325 Air Stripper

QED 25 GPM Poly Air Stripper Model EZ-2.4P with 4 Trays, Sump with Level Floats, 2HP XP Aeration Blower, 3HP Discharge Transfer Pump, UL Listed Relay Logic Control Panel Wired 230V 3PH, All Mounted on Skid

Used Shallow Tray 2341 Air Stripper Stock #1520

Shallow Tray 2341 Air Stripper, 4 Trays, 45 GPM, 300 CFM. Sump and Trays Only

Used Shallow Tray 2641 Air Stripper Stock #1516

Used Shallow Tray 2641 Stainless Steel Air Stripper, 2 - 115 GPM, 600 CFM, 4 Trays, Includes 5HP Aeration Blower, Discharge Pump, XP Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, 230V 3PH Control Panel, Skid Mounted, Turnkey System

Used Shallow Tray 3641 Air Stripper Stock #1578

Shallow Tray Model 3641 Stainless Steel Air Stripper, 4 Trays, 160 GPM, 900 CFM, Separate Skid with 7.5HP 3PH Aeration Blower, 1.5HP 1PH Discharge Transfer Pump, Control Panel