Used Air Sparge Systems

- Optional
- Optional
- Optional
EEI-1119 Air Sparge System

Tuthill 551146L34282 Blower with 40HP 3PH Motor with relief valve, silencer, all mounted on skid.

EEI-1184 Air Sparge System

Blower Package: Tuthill 3204 2" Blower with 5HP 3PH 230/460V XP Motor, Silencer, Belt Guard, Mounted on Skid with wheels.

EEI-1211 Air Sparge System

Air Sparge Blower Package with Tuthill 4007-21L2 Blower and Dayton 7.5HP 208-230/460V 3PH Motor on Skid

EEI-1236 Air Sparge System

Air Sparge Blower Skid with Tuthill 2004-21L2 Blower, 3HP 3PH XP Motor, ACA-3241 Heat Exchanger with 1/4HP 3PH Motor, 5 Zone 1" Manifold with Solenoid Valves, 460V 3PH Control Panel All Mounted, Plumbed and Wired on Skid