Sound & Noise Equipment Rental

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Casella CEL 246 Datalogging Type 2 Sound Level Meter Rental
  • Type 2 Sound Level Meter for general noise measurements.
  • Datalogging Capability: 100 separate run capacity with up to 65,000 samples for each run (1, 2, 5 or 10 second intervals).
  • Measurement Ranges: 30-100 dB and 60-130 dB.
  • "A" and "C" Frequency Weightings; Slow, Fast, and Impulse Time Weightings.
  • Field calibrator and annual factory calibration certificate included.
  • Displayed parameters: Instantaneous level (Lp), Maximum level (Lmx) and Time Average Level (Leq or Lavg).
Starting at $60 Daily
Casella CEL 633C Type 1 Octave Band Analyzer SLM Rental
  • Type 1 ANSI Sound Level Meter, 20-140 dB measurement range.
  • Octave (16 Hz to 16 kHz) and 1/3 octave (12.5 Hz to 20 kHz) band measurements for Lmx and Leq with selected frequency and time weightings.
  • Broadband measurement in periodic or cumulative mode for summary data, profile mode for individual noise captures at user defined interval.
  • Software included for data download and generating reports and graphs.
  • Field calibrator and annual factory calibration certificate included.
Starting at $120 Daily
Casella dBdage2 Personal Noise Dosimeter Kit Rental
  • Instrinsically Safe
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Measures all noise dose parameters simultaneously
  • Long battery life
  • Compliant with ANSI S1.25 - 1991 (R2007)
Starting at $102 Daily