Soil Vapor Extraction System Rentals

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EEI-1339 Rotron EN808 SVE Skid Rental

Soil Vapor Extraction Skid with Rotron EN808 7.5HP 3PH XP Blower, KO Tank with LL, HL, HLA Float Tree, Goulds Transfer Pump, 230V 3PH UL Relay Logic Control Panel, 5 Zone SVE Manifold, All Mounted on Skid

Starting at $1,250 Weekly
Stock #1515 Soil Vapor Extraction System Rental

SVE System including Rotron EN979 Blower with 20HP 3PH XP Motor, Filter, Silencer, Safety Switches, Relief Valve, KO Tank with 3 Level Floats, 1/2HP 3PH Goulds Transfer Pump, Poly Storage Tank with High Level Float, 4 Zone SVE Manifold, 230V 3PH Power Distribution Panel and PLC Control Panel with Auto Dialer and VFD for Blower, All Housed in Sound Insulated Enclosure

Starting at $1,750 Weekly