Positive Displacement Blowers

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Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Legend Series Blowers

The Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Legend line of rotary positive displacement lobe blowers and vacuum pumps are the result of more than 75 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of superior industrial blower equipment. A Sutorbilt Legend is at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of air solutions working every minute of every day around the globe.

  • Sutorbilt Legend PD blowers are capable of reliably handling continuous loads
  • Alloy steel timing gears assures non-slip timing under the most strenuous conditions
  • Gear and bearing lubrication provides superior blower life
  • High strength drive shaft provides greater blower durability and installation flexibility
  • High strength cylinder with heat dissipating fins for reduced noise and vibration
  • High temperature seals provide leak-free operation in severe-duty applications
  • Available with Dual Splash Lubrication (DSL) and mechanical seals for gas applications
  • 25 models in horizontal or vertical configuration