IAQ Industrial Hygiene Rental

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GE Protimeter Moisture Detection Meter Rental
  • Moisture detection within solids - sensor located in the bulge built into the top of the instrument.
  • Hygrostick - measures relative humidity and ambient air temperature in rooms or materials.
  • Surface Temperature Sensor - investigate condensation situations.
  • Moisture Probe - obtain percent moisture content values in wood or wood moisture equivalent in non-conductive materials.
  • Deep Wall Probes - obtain wood moisture equivalent values in solid structures such as walls and floors.
Starting at $55 Daily
Testo 445 Anemometer and IAQ Meter Rental
  • Measures relative humidity (0 - 100%), air velocity (0.6 - 60 m/s), and temperature (range depends on probe).
Starting at $47.5 Daily
Testo 875-2i Infrared Camera Rental
  • Measurement ranges: -20 to 100°C and 350 to 550°C.
  • Built-in digital camera - records real images in parallel to each infrared image.
  • High quality 32° × 23° lens.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery provides approx 4 hours of use.
Starting at $125 Daily