IAQ Industrial Hygiene Rental

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- Optional
Barnant 12 VDC Air Pump Rental
  • 1/30 HP motor, 12V DC Power (3 amps)
  • Max flow: 0.64 CFM (18 L/min)
  • Max vacuum: 18" Hg
  • Max pressure: 15 PSIG
Starting at $35 Daily
GE Protimeter Moisture Detection Meter Rental
  • Moisture detection within solids - sensor located in the bulge built into the top of the instrument.
  • Hygrostick - measures relative humidity and ambient air temperature in rooms or materials.
  • Surface Temperature Sensor - investigate condensation situations.
  • Moisture Probe - obtain percent moisture content values in wood or wood moisture equivalent in non-conductive materials.
  • Deep Wall Probes - obtain wood moisture equivalent values in solid structures such as walls and floors.
Starting at $55 Daily