Air Sparge System Rentals

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EEI-1038 Air Sparge System Rental

Air Spage Blower Package with ROOTS URAI 53 Blower and 10HP 240/460V 3PH Motor, 3" Exhaust Silencer, 2.5" Inlet Filter, 0-15 PSIG Pressure Gauage, 1" Pressure Relief Valve, 2" Bleed Air Valve w/ Ball Valve, 460V 3PH Panel with HOA, Timer, Transformer, Hour Meter, Motor Starter, all skid mounted.

Starting at $1,000 Weekly
Stock #1436 Air Sparge Trailer Rental

Air Sparge Rental Trailer Including Roots 42 Blower with 5HP 1PH TEFC Motor, Air Sparge Manifold with 3x 1" Legs, 230V 1PH Relay Logic Control Panel with Cellular Telemetry, Housed in 6x12' Enclosed Trailer with Light, Fan with Thermostat, Lined with 1" Thick Sound Foam

Starting at $1,500 Weekly