Environmental Equipment & Supplies

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GEM Charcoal Filter Rental

An external charcoal filter may also be used in series with the external water filter and should be installed on the instrument side of the external water trap filter. The charcoal filter is used when known or suspected levels of H2S, hexane, propane, or other non-methane hydrocarbons exceeding one hundred ppm. Presence of these gases can affect the methane channel by indicating artificially high concentrations of methane. The charcoal filter needs to be condition with Calibration gas before use.

Starting at $5 Daily
GEM Temperature Probe Rental

The GEM Temperature Probe can be hooked into the communcation socket to display temperature readings on gas reading screen.  The temperature reading data can be recorded with all other data.

Starting at $15 Daily
HACH Digital CO2 Titration Kit Rental
  • NaOH titrant and phenolpthalein indicator included for carbon dioxide titration.
  • Measurement ranges: 10-50, 20-100, 100-400 and 200-1000 mg/L CO2
  • Uses a precision dispensing device with compact cartridges to dispense titrants.
Starting at $45 Daily
HACH Ferrous Iron Test Kit Rental
  • Tests for ferrous iron between 0-10 mg/L.
  • Includes 25 reagent powder pillows.
  • Compare the reaction color to the color wheel to determine ferrous iron concentration.
Starting at $25 Daily
Landtec GEM 2000 Plus Landfill Gas Monitor Rental
  • Designed for use on landfills to monitor landfill gas extraction systems, flares and migration control systems.
  • Measures methane (0-100%), carbon dioxide (0-100%), oxygen (0-25%), carbon monoxide (0-2000ppm), hydrogen sulfide (0-500ppm) and balance gas.
  • Field calibration record and semi-annual factory calibration certificate included.
  • LANDTEC system gas analyzer manager software included.
Starting at $175 Daily
Landtec GEM 5000 Plus Landfill Gas Monitor Rental
  • Measures methane (0-100%), carbon dioxide (0-100%), oxygen (0-25%), carbon monoxide (0-2000ppm), hydrogen sulfide (0-500ppm), static pressure and differential pressure
  • Calculates balance gas, flow (SCFM) and calorific value (KW or BTU)
  • High Accuracy and Fast Response Time
  • Certified intrinsically safe for landfill use
Starting at $175 Daily