Environmental Equipment & Supplies

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HACH Digital CO2 Titration Kit Rental
  • NaOH titrant and phenolpthalein indicator included for carbon dioxide titration.
  • Measurement ranges: 10-50, 20-100, 100-400 and 200-1000 mg/L CO2
  • Uses a precision dispensing device with compact cartridges to dispense titrants.
Starting at $45 Daily
HACH Ferrous Iron Test Kit Rental
  • Tests for ferrous iron between 0-10 mg/L.
  • Includes 25 reagent powder pillows.
  • Compare the reaction color to the color wheel to determine ferrous iron concentration.
Starting at $25 Daily
JDC Flowatch Surface Water Flow Meter Rental
  • Designed for surface water flow and temperature measurements.
  • Maximum velocity of 41 meters per second.
  • Measures inĀ units of knots, mph, km/h, m/s, fps and cm/s.
Starting at $40 Daily