Rietschle DLR300 20HP Air Sparge Trailer #1299 - Outside
Rietschle DLR300 20HP Air Sparge Trailer #1299 - Inside
Rietschle DLR300 20HP Air Sparge Trailer #1299 - Manifold

Rietschle DLR300 20HP Air Sparge Trailer Rental #1299

Air Sparge System with Rietschle DLR300 Rotary Claw Compressor with 20HP Motor, Heat Exchanger, 6 Point Manifold with Solenoid Valves, Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, UL Listed Control Panel with HMI and PLC, All Housed in Enclosed Cargo Trailer with Acoustical Foam Soundproofing, Interior Lighting and Thermostatically Controlled Exhaust Fan.

Brand Rietschle
Model DLR-300
Max Pressure 26.1 psi
Max Air Flow 212 CFM
Explosion Proof
20.00 HP
Rental Rates
Weekly Monthly
$1,500.00 $3,000.00

Dimensions: 7,000 lbs GVWR, 8’ wide (including fenders) by 16’ long (including tongue) x 8’ tall (from ground)

Description: Air Sparge System housed in Enclosed Cargo Trailer  

Rietschle DLR 300 Rotary Claw Air Compressor with 20HP 3PH XP Motor 212 CFM Free Air Flow, 26.1 PSIG Max Pressure

American Industrial Heat Transfer Heat Exchanger Model ACA‐4302‐3‐E with 3/4HP 3PH XP Motor

Main Air Sparge Line has inline rotameter, gate valve, blow off valve with filter silencer, drip leg with valve and drain tube through floor, pressure switch, pressure and temperature gauges.  

Air Sparge Manifold with 6 Zones, Each with Solenoid Valve, Rotameter, Pressure Gauge, Pipe Stub through wall with 1” FNPT end connection

UL Listed System Control Panel 115/230V 3 Phase 4 Wire 60HZ
100 Amp Main Disconnect on Trailer Exterior
Direct Logic 06 Programmable Logic Controller
Optimate HMI On Outer Control Panel Door
HOA Switches for Each Solenoid Valve
HOA Switches for Air Sparge and Heat Exchanger Motor
Power Light, Alarm Light, E‐Stop Button
Lightning Arrestor

Haulmark Enclosed Cargo Trailer Enclosure
Sound Foam on Walls/Ceiling
Sheet Metal Rain Hoods lined with sound foam for Exhaust Fan, Heat Exchanger and Intake Louver
Painted Wood Floor
Fluorescent Light Fixture with switch
Thermostatically Controlled Exhaust Fan
115V Convenience Outlet