GEM 2000+/5000+ Calibration Kit Rental


GEM 2000+/5000+ Calibration Kit Rental


**NOTE: Calibration Kit Rentals are only available for PICKUP, gas must be purchased if the items need to be shipped.**

All of our gas monitor rentals are calibrated before they are sent to you.  However, sometimes you are required to do your own calibrations in the field.

The GEM 2000+ Calibration Kit Rental is used to perform field calibrations on the GEM 2000 Plus meter.


  • Cal Gas: 35% carbon dioxide (CO2), 50% methane (CH4)
  • Cal Gas: 4% oxygen (O2)
  • Cal Gas: 10 ppm hydrogen sulfide (H2S), 50 ppm carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Calibration Gas Regulator
Rental Rates
Daily Weekly Monthly
$25.00 $70.00 $210.00
Rental Period
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- Optional
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