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May 4th, 2010

OxyGreen Corporation, an engineering technology company focused on naturally oxygenating and remediating ground-water contamination quickly and cost effectively, awarded Enviro-Equipment, Inc, a provider of environmental monitoring and remediation rental equipment, an exclusive contract to manufacture the newest generation of OxyGreen Corporation’s patented cells and systems controls. The contract includes software developed by Enviro-Equipment to monitor and control the OxyGreen system.

The OxyGreen system is a proven, patented, green bioremediation technology that cleans soil and groundwater impacted by petrochemicals. “By recirculating large areas of oxygenated groundwater around a vertical well we are able to clean via enhanced bioremediation in any type of soil at a fraction of the current cost and time. We are able to remediate not only to Federal standards, but to further reduce contaminates to the most stringent State standards,” states Ed McLaughlin, Chairman of OxyGreen Corporation.

“Finding Enviro-Equipment was a big deal for us," states McLaughlin. “Not only are they a certified control panel manufacturer, but they also have dozens of dual phase extraction trailers which will allow us to target heavily contaminated sites that require aggressive action prior to the use of the Oxygreen technology to reduce the last remnants of contamination."

According to EEI Vice President Brian E. Chew, Sr. P.G., “We are very excited about this opportunity. The exclusive contract to manufacture OxyGreen cells and controls is a great addition in our Remediation Division. The OxyGreen system will be instrumental in helping us deliver lower cost solutions for remediation of contaminated groundwater.”

About OxyGreen Corporation: 
OxyGreen Corporation is an engineering technology company that produces U.S. patented in situ groundwater remediation products. It’s a 100% permanently and totally disabled combat veteran owned business. The Chairman, Ed McLaughlin, has a clear and simple mission, "I feel that by cleaning God’s earth and water I am doing his will.”

About Enviro-Equipment, Inc.: 
Enviro-Equipment, Inc., a woman-owned small business founded in 1993, rents, sells, and manufactures environmental monitoring equipment used for pollution control, ground-water remediation, water and wastewater treatment, safety and industrial hygiene, and environmental assessment. The Charlotte, NC facility also offers environmental sampling supplies, safety products, equipment repair, and training. Enviro-Equipment's customers include colleges and universities, government agencies, industry, and environmental consultants in the ground-water hydrology and industrial hygiene fields.