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Importance of Heat Stress Training

Every business wants to create a working environment that enables its workers to maximize their efficiency. But it’s also true that many businesses know far too little about training management that properly deals with one of the most common work place hazards: heat stress.

Current Affairs in Hydraulic Fracturing Methodology, Environmental Concerns, and Regulations

NOTE: We here at Enviro Equipment Inc. thought it might be nice to do something different with our blog this time, so we decided to print a condensed version of a paper one of our employees, Kyle T. Shores, recently wrote for a 400 level Geology course he is taking. We chose to use this paper as the basis for a blog post because not only is it exceptionally well-written but it deals with an environmental topic in the news a lot these days; hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. “Fracking).

A Trust Fund For Underground Storage Tanks

Generally, trust funds are a good idea. They’re a way to provide sustainable benefits for person, group or entity. It’s not uncommon for wealthy parents to set one up for their kids when they reach a certain age (to prevent them from blowing it all in Vegas or on a shiny red Ferrari, I suppose).

More nobly, trust funds are often set up in the wake of emergencies to raise funds that will be eventually distributed by a third party in an appropriate manner.