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New Bioremediation Technology Available Soon

For the past several months I have been working on a new remediation process with OxyGreen Corporation.  The process involves a patented electrolysis cell for producing pure oxygen from water insitu.  Electrolysis is not new, obviously, but this application is.  The interesting thing is this system can run on household current, and is designed to polish off the sites that are almost cleaned up, but are still hanging on.  There are a lot of remediation techniques out there and I wanted hear what you think about this one.  A video of the prototype cell in operation is availab

Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling Becoming The Norm

With a growing emphasis placed on the application of low-flow sampling techniques for groundwater sampling, equipment manufacturers have begun developing new instrumentation to meet the needs of the environmental professional.  Low-flow sampling has become the standard for groundwater sampling. The major drawback to the older method of sampling was the draw down impact (stress) that was created and the large amount of waste water that had to be disposed of properly, adding additional expenses. Both of these issues are now addressed through the low-flow technique.

OxyGreen Enhanced Bioremediation System

On Wednesday January 4, 2011 a press release was posted by  Enviro-Equipment and Oxygreen Corporation about their new electrolysis cell ( http://www.enviroequipment.com/newsletter/Oxygreen%20News%20Release.html ).  This process of breaking molecules apart has been around for a long time and here we are seeing an application for the environmental industry.  The previous version of the cell has been used at a number of sites in Florida and Illinois along with the injection of microbes and nutrients in some