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Air Sparging

Air Sparging:   Is it the Right Choice for Your Next Remediation Project?

Defining a Typical Air Sparge System

Air sparging (AS) is a treatment technology that uses injected air to remove volatile contaminants from the saturated region of the soil.  It can remove volatile contaminants such as gasoline, some solvents, and even jet fuel.  Air sparging provides oxygen for aerobic microbial degradation of contaminants, which can be utilized in the later stages of remediation.

The SVE Pilot Test

Exploring the SVE Pilot Test: What it is, why it is a Benefit, and the Viable Alternatives

The United States Environmental Agency defines a pilot test as a "preliminary test or study of the program or evaluation activities to try out procedures and make the necessary changes or adjustments." In this installment, we'll explore exactly what this means, what a pilot test entails, why it can be beneficial to your overall remediation plan, and if there are any viable alternatives to performing a pilot test.