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Sokkia Auto LevelEnviro-Equipment, Inc. rents field surveying equipment for well head location (metal detector), underground storage tank (UST) pipe locators, and surveying equipment.

Our field surveying equipment inventory includes metal detectors, surveying auto-levels, tri-pods, measuring rods, and GPS units. Our rental rates are listed below.

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GPS Unit Rental

Garmin eTrex Vista GPS
Garmin eTrex Vista GPS Rental
lThe eTrex Vista features a full basemap of the Americas, the Atlantic or the Pacific, a barometric altimeter, electronic compass and 24 megabytes (MB) of internal memory for extra data storage. The Vista's barometric altimeter pinpoints your precise altitude, and its built-in electronic compass provides bearing information even while you're standing still. The Vista can also receive position corrections from the Wide Area Augmentation System, which can increase the accuracy of Vista's position reporting to within three meters.

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Garmin eTrex Vista GPS $35.00 $110.00 $330.00



  • Battery life: Two 1.5V AA batteries - 12 hours of typical use
  • GPS Accuracy: <15 meters (49 ft) RMS, 95% typical
    Subject to accuracy degredation to 100m 2DRMS under the U.S. DoD-imposed Selective Availability program.
  • DGPS (WAAS) Accuracy: < 3 meters (10 ft), 95% typical with DGPS corrections
    With GARMIN Differential Beacon Reciever Input
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.05 meter/sec steady state
  • Update Rate: 1/second, continuous
  • Operating Temp: 5° to 158°F (-15° to 70°C)

-Garmin eTrex Vista GPS Manual (PDF)-


  • Elevation Computer for displaying total ascent/descent, average ascent/descent, maximum ascent/descent, 12 hour pressure trend, and maximum/minimum elevation
  • Find Feature for locating Waypoints, Cities, Interstate Exits, Points of Interest, Street Addresses and Intersections
  • Trip Computer for displaying a variety of navigation data such as speed, ETA, ETE, heading, odometer, etc.

Magellan Meridian Gold GPS Rental
Magellan Meridian Gold GPS Rental
The Meridian Gold GPS is capable of 3-meter accuracy with WAAS GPS and has a 16 MB built-in mapping database. Some of the various functions it can perform include bearing, distance, elevation, heading, speed, northfinder, and more!

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Magellan Meridian Gold GPS $35.00 $110.00 $330.00



  • Battery Life: 2 AA Alkaline batteries - up to 14 hours
  • GPS Accuracy: 7 meters, 95% 2D RMS
  • GPS (WAAS): < 3 meters, 95% 2D RMS
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 knot RMS steady state
  • Max Speed: 951 mph
  • Max Altitude: 17,500 meters

-Magellan Meridian Gold GPS Manual (PDF)-

Metal Detector Rental

Fisher FX-3 Magnetic Locator Rental
Fisher FX-3 Magnetic Locator Rental <<click for details
The Fisher FX-3 is designed to locate survey markers, pipes, valves, well casings, septic tanks, and many more ferromagnetic objects. The FX-3 has two sensors which respond only to the magnetic field of ferromagnetic objects, ignoring all other materials (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.). The FX-3 only responds when it or the target is in motion.

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Fisher FX-3 Magnetic Locator $25.00 $80.00 $240.00



  • Battery Life: 9V Alkaline - 30 to 40 hours
  • Weight: 2.5 LBS
  • Length: 42.25"
  • Operating Temperature:0 to 122°F


  • Detects all ferromagnetic objects
  • One knob operation
  • Built-in speaker
  • Waterproof probe
  • Recessed control panel

Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator Rental
Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator Rental <<click for details
The Fisher TW-6 has two modes of operation, inductive and conductive. In the inductive mode, the transmitter induces the electromagnetic field around the object sought. The transmitter radiates this field through both soil and water. Inductive mode can be used to locate or trace conductors. In conductive mode, the transmitter connects directly to an exposed portion of the pipe or cable in question.

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Fisher TW-6 Pipe and Cable Locator $45.00 $150.00 $450.00



  • Batteries: Transmitter - 8 AA ; Reciever - 8 AA
  • Operating Frequency: 81.92 kHz + 0.005%


  • Conductive and inductive modes of operation

Fisher M-Series Metal Detector
Fisher M-Series Valve and Box Locator Rental <<click for details
The M-97 is an all-metal metal detector that can search through concrete and asphalt and was designed for finding buried or paved over valves, boxes, or manhole covers, or any other concealed metallic object. It also locates targets made of aluminum, brass and lead.

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Fisher M-Series Valve and Box Locator $40.00 $140.00 $400.00



  • Battery Life: 2 9V Alkaline - 15 to 25 hours
  • Output frequencies of search coil: 4.5 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 0.20 mv RMS for full scale
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Range: 12:1
  • Dimensions: 38 to 50 inches adjustable
  • Shipping Dimensions: 6" X 13" X 35"


  • Adjustable shaft with double locking stem
  • Ground Effect Rejection VLF eliminates false signals from wet ground foliage, pavement, or mineralized ground
  • High sensitivity for max penetration through soil, asphalt or concrete
  • ID's metallic objects by speaker sound and needle movement
  • Pushbutton tuning to quickly and easily maintain optimum sensitivity

Survey Auto-Level Rental

Sokkia Auto Level
Survey Auto-Level Equipment Rental
The Auto-level is ideally suited for general survey work, civil engineering and construction work. The Auto-level can measure distances, height differences, and angles in the field. The rental includes the auto-level with standard equipment, tri-pod, and survey rod (11ft or 25ft rods available).

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Survey Auto-Level Equipment $30.00 $90.00 $270.00



  • Objective aperture: 36mm
  • Magnification: 24x
  • Field of view: 1°25' (2.5m at 100m)
  • Resolving power: 3.5"
  • Minimum focus 0.3m (1ft) (from instrument centre)
  • Stadia ratio: 1:100
  • Additive constant: 0
  • Horizontal circle
    • Diameter: 103mm (4.1 inch)
    • Graduation: 1° or 1 gon
  • Automatic compensator range: ±15'
  • Circular level sensitivity: 10'/2mm
  • STD for 1km (1 mile) of double run leveling: ±2.0mm (0.008ft)

*Specifications vary slightly between different models -
Sokkia C31 shown above


  • Fast-action, magnetically-damped, automatic compensator
  • Stable surveying regardless of environmental conditions such as vibration and temperature changes
  • Simple horizontal circle for angle measurement, stadia lines on the reticle for approximate distance measurement

Measuring Wheel Rental

Keson Measuring Wheel

Keson Measuring Wheel Rental
Measures in units of feet and inches. Great for rough terrain.

Rental Rates Daily Weekly Monthly
Keson Measuring Wheel $10.00 $35.00 $70.00

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