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The JDC Flowatch measures in units of knots, mph, km/h, m/s, fps and cm/s. It has two impeller types to choose from, including air and water. It has different modes for displaying values such as minimums, maximums, and averages. The average can be collected based on many different time periods, including: 3'', 6'', 12'', 30'', 1', 6', 30', 1:00', 6:00', 12:00', 24:00' or timer. The timer mode allows measurement of the average between start (press) and stop (press).

Rental Includes:
JDC Flowatch Meter
Telescoping rod (2 meter cable)
Air Impeller
Water Impeller
Spare Batteries
Shipping Case
Instruction Guide

Surface Water Flow Measurement

River Flow Measurement

Ocean Flow Measurement

Sewage Flow Measurement

Hydrological Studies

Chimney Flues

Irrigation Canals

Air Conditioning Conduits

Ventilation Shafts

Aerological Studies


Regular Wind Speed Impeller
Diameter: Ø 20 mm, hole diameeter Ø 33 mm.
Minimum Sensitivity: ‹ 3km/h - ‹ 1m/s
Precision: +/-2%
"Off-axis" Error +/-30° / +/-3%
Operating Temperature: -50°C to +100°C
Water Impeller
Diameter: Ø 60 mm
Minimum Sensitivity: ‹ 0.3km/h - ‹ 0.1m/s
Precision: +/-2%
"Off-axis" Error +/-20° / +/-3%
Selectable Units: knots, mph, km/h, m/s, fps and cm/s
Speed Resolution: 0.1 for all units (except in cm/s: 3cm/s)
Functions: Current, minimum, average, maximum temperature and windchill factor
Selectable units: °C, °F, °C felt and °F felt
Thermometer Precision: +/- 0.2°C
Thermometer Resolution: +/- 0.1°C
Functions: ambient temperature measurement, felt, minimum, average and maximum
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